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Essential Information Services

Village support network

Shopping Online for Home Delivery

Mind Body & Soul

Home Delivery Meals

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Keeping in Touch – Remotely

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Essential Information Sources 

Below are some links that provide advice and information regarding the current coronavirus outbreak:

Download your printable copy of Essential Local Services and contact numbers to keep by your phone




Village Support Network

The Parish Council will continue to monitor the coronavirus situation on a regular basis, and will circulate further information to all villagers as necessary through “The Week Ahead”.   We will endeavour to inform those not on the TWA distribution separately, and if you would like to be on the TWA circulation list please contact:   or

The Parish Council is continuing to try to arrange additional support and services for our village during the present emergency and is particularly grateful to the many people who have offered to assist. To make it easier for residents to access help, should they need it, we have arranged for some of our volunteers to provide local contact points for groups of neighbours across the Parish. Our designated volunteers are:

Jim and Lisa Adam (220495) Chris and Julie Bunker (220515) Graham and Lizie Ellis (220227)
Dom and Charlie Goggs (220817) Richard and Linda Goldsmith (220841) John Griffin (220815)
David and Fiona Morgan (220416) Nick and Kate Robinson (220370) Richard and Susanna Thatcher (220735)
 Nigel Young (220450)

The idea is that they will make contact with individual households and will be available to provide advice or access to general and specific information regarding support in our village and how to get it and also to identify issues where the Parish Council might be able to assist. Most importantly, the contacts will just be there for a quiet chat if it would help. They will be involved only so far as individual villagers require. Please phone one or other of them at any time.

The Parish Council will continue to develop support for village residents wherever it can and would welcome ideas and suggestions (and volunteers) from our community. Please contact Richard Thatcher on 220735.


Shopping Online for Home Delivery

You can find the local suppliers offering home deliveries of fresh food and other things on our Independent Retailers page

We have guides to online shopping and direct links to the supermarkets, global merchants and pharmacies that deliver, on our Shopping Page.

You can also find details of how to have your prescription picked up and delivered to you


Mind, Body & Soul

Beginning on Mothering Sunday we are all being encouraged to pray at 7.00 pm every evening and to place a lighted candle in the window. This is something we can all do even if we don’t consider ourselves to be great in the ‘prayer department’ or to be churchgoers: those little lights will be a wonderful symbol of solidarity and encouragement at a time when many are feeling anxious and isolated.


If you are bored with catch up TV and looking for distractions, you could try clicking here.


Home Delivery Cooked Meals

Find cooked meals for home delivery here


Essential Travel – Driver Service

I am delighted to say that we have had an amazing response to our request for volunteer drivers able to take village residents to essential appointments, to access to vital services or to fetch and carry supplies. If you need help in this regard please call me on one of the following numbers: 220407, 220401 or mobile: 07775893096  or e-mail


Keeping in Touch – Remotely

Jim Adam (220495) is offering help for any villagers who’d like assistance to set up their phones/tablets/laptops with apps and services to keep in touch with family and friends during periods of isolation.

The village now has its own WhatsApp group. Contact Caroline McGregor  at  if you’d like to join.
WhatsApp is a messaging application for phones and tablets, that allows groups of people to keep in touch and share information, pictures and videos.


Security & Safety

Helpful advice has emerged to protect residents who may need community support. This includes not putting a sign on your door openly stating you are vulnerable, don’t share more personal information than absolutely necessary, don’t share bank or card details or give people your cards to make purchases and contact the organisers of the group if someone asks you to pay more for something than you normally would.

If you are concerned about your security please contact Richard Goldsmith, our Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator, on 01963 220841.


Local Government and other Support Organisations

Somerset County Council provides up to date Covid-19 support and advice here.

South Somerset District Council provides up to date support and advice here.

Covid-19 Mutual Aid UK has a South Somerset Group on Facebook

The Community Council for Somerset (community / village agents) are already working in communities with different groups and individuals to make sure the vulnerable are identified and supported. Local village agent details can be found here

Spark Somerset are also looking at what support they can provide to voluntary sector organisations and community groups locally, including looking to identify charities who may be needing help from volunteers.

If you have a safeguarding concern or require adult social care support about a vulnerable adult click here or phone Somerset Direct on 0300 123 2224

If you would like to register as a South Somerset volunteer or need assistance not available in Corton Denham please go to

For advice on various Covid-19 related issues go to  Citizens Advice (Dorset)

For a friendly chat and advice talk to Age UK Somerset.


Waste Disposal

  • In response to staffing pressures related to Coronavirus, SWP will be suspending Garden Waste collections from Monday until further notice. This is so that resources can be focused on core services such as collecting recycling, refuse and clinical waste.
  • Garden Waste subscriptions will be extended to reflect the disruption – if collections are disrupted until the end of April 2020, subscriptions will run until end April 2021.
  • All parties are working hard to limit impacts, but there is the potential for disruption to other collections services in the coming days and weeks.
  • This information is being promoted through the SWP’s usual communications channels, including and @somersetwaste on Twitter and Facebook

More detailed announcement



Radio Ninesprings

The role of Radio Ninesprings 104.5 FM in keeping communications going across Yeovil and South Somerset has never been more vital.

With a majority of people in Yeovil and South Somerset working from home and schools closed, Radio Ninesprings is providing entertainment, local news and information that is accurate and of high-quality.

Radio Ninesprings 104.5 FM is very much open for business – make contact by email:  or, call: 01935 319000 or 07836 246678 (ask for Steve Haigh).
To hear Radio Ninesprings – Local Radio for Yeovil and South Somerset – Tune in: 104.5 FM      Listen Online: