Somerset Council’s website Home page may be found here.

Contact details for Somerset Council may be found here. 

For all telephone enquiries: 0300 123 2224

Somerset Council (new Unitary Authority) Councillors (Blackmoor Vale Division):

Name: Sarah Dyke  (Liberal Democrat)
Tel: 07979 535524

Name: Nicola Clark  (Liberal Democrat)
Tel: 07429 831737

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Waste and Recycling

Click here for general information on Waste and Recycling matters and to check your next recycling or waste bin collection day.

The e-mail address for waste-related enquiries is

Planning and Planning Enforcement

Click here for general information on Planning matters, and to search for local planning applications and to view and comment on planning applications.

Click on these links for more information on the new Planning and  Planning Enforcement arrangements.


Somerset Council Executive Directors

  • Executive Director – Resources & Corporate Services – Jason Vaughan
    • Finance & Procurement – Nicola Hix*
    • Strategic Asset Management – Ollie Woodhams
    • Information and Communications Technology – Andy Kennell
  • Executive Director – Community Services – Chris Hall
    • Housing – Chris Brown
    • Customer Services – Jan Stafford
    • Cultural Services – Liz Dawson
    • Regulatory and Operational Services – Sarah Dowden
  • Executive Director – Strategy, Workforce & Localities – Alyn Jones
    • Workforce – Chris Squire
    • Partnerships & Localities – Sara Skirton
    • Strategy & Performance – No appointment, to be advertised externally
    • Government, Democratic & Legal Services – David Clark*
  • Executive Director – Climate & Place – Mickey Green
    • Climate, Environmental and Sustainability – Kirsty Larkins
    • Infrastructure and Transport – David Carter
    • Economy, Employment and Planning – Paul Hickson

* These Roles require formal approval at Full Council due to statutory functions

In addition, we confirmed that Claire Winter has been successfully recruited on a permanent basis to the role of Executive Director for Children and Families (note, this role also requires formal council approval). Mel Lock will be Executive Director of Adult Services and Trudi Grant will be Executive Director of Public Health.

We will look to recruit to the vacant Service Director role, Strategy and Performance, as quickly as possible.